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Right now our country is at a crossroads. Our opportunities extend beyond city, rural and suburban locals. It's about the future of our society, our children, our neighbors and how we arrive at that future together. Indianapolis is a great city! But as we've seen in the streets across the nation, our great city also faces the same challenges felt by millions across our, liberty and justice.


A recent study conducted by CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, revealed that Indianapolis sits near the bottom of a 40-city study focused on seven quality of life factors. While there are more than seven areas challenging our city, We are committed to connecting with stakeholders, neighbors, residents and grass-root organizations who have a passion for this community and want to advocate for positive change throughout our entire city.

Sure there's progress! But, as the protests of 2020 make painfully clear, residents who recognize that there's progress and expansion in some areas of the city while advocacy and attention to under-resourced, undeserved, and fragile communities remain neglected by those in power who make promises that never seem to materialize. focuses on listening and engaging with Indy's passionate citizens to ensure that their voices have a platform to create avenues for progress based on results-oriented advocacy. We seek to UNITE concerned citizens, stakeholders, institutions, elected officials and Indy residents to educate one another to expose overlaps, identify gaps and create strategies for sustained efforts to close these gaps to accountability and critical community support. Additionally, provides the networking, communication, education and training necessary to ensure that urban servant leaders have access to a proven engagement process to ensure sustainable results.

Join the movement and be a part of positive change today.


In order to meet the needs of our community seeks to expose passionate residents with the information and tools available to advocate for those issues that impact their quality of life. We invite any organization throughout the city to join this movement by offering community engagement facilitation training in your community. Training is FREE for members of Unite for or can be accessed at a nominal fee for non-members.


  • Urban Servant Leadership Training

  • Engagement Facilitator Training

  • Marketing and Communications Training

  • Facilitation Scribes and Recorder Training

  • Urban Community Engagement Training

  • Faith-based Community Engagement Training

Responding to Social Justice

In times like these where leaders do more to divide our communities than bring them together, it is important for urban communities to have their voices included in the conversations about what our next steps are. UFC is committed to fostering and creating environments that bring together the voices of community servants to constructively guide critical conversations toward solutions. We additionally seek to provide a platform for various community leaders to advance their message toward the people that will benefit from their causes.

Community Engagement

The Unite For Change initiative equips community advocates with a process and resources needed to improve their quality of life. Using the Asset Based Community Development methodology, UFC helps build equity among neighbors in under served communities statewide.

Servant Leadership Training offers year-round training opportunities through our events and programs. Along with our partners, we prepare servant leaders in urban communities for service within under served areas. Most conferences and training sessions are free for Unite For Change initiative supporters.

Communication Support

One of the key pain points of community based initiatives in under served, urban areas is a need for marketing and communication strategies and support. Unite For Change offers needed support to help important community engagement initiatives to create, launch, communicate and sustain their impact.


Join the Unite for movement and be a part of positive change.

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